What we are doing?

The information we collect in CAPS helps us to understand important things about JIA. We have lots of researchers who are trying to answer different questions which are important to people with JIA, their families and the people helping to treat them.

Some of the questions include:

What causes JIA? [LINK TO XXX]

Does having JIA have the same effects on everyone? [LINK TO XXX]

How does having JIA change as you get older? [LINK TO XXX]

Are there physical, psychological and social effects of having JIA? Do they last a long time? [LINK TO XXX]

How does treatment affect people with JIA? [LINK TO XXX]

How well do different treatments work for different people? [LINK TO XXX]

Are there side effects of different treatments? [LINK TO XXX]

What are the effects (if any) of having JIA on schooling, leisure, future employment [LINK TO XXX]

Does having JIA affect people’s family life or relationships? [LINK TO XXX]